CyberSec & AI Prague 2019

Have you ever wondered how AI is used in cybersecurity? Join us at the end of October for a conference about new advances in machine learning. You will see how AI can help protect people against the bad guys on the Internet – a goal we trully believe in. We have teamed up with Czech Technical University to bring together the best minds in tech and academia. Experts from many universities world wide as well as a few of our own will share their vision for what the future holds and debate the possibilities of tomorrow’s digital landscape.

Speakers’s spotlight:

  • Doug Tygar – UC Berkeley
  • Alex Halderman – University of Michigan
  • Matthias Grossglauser – EPFL Switzerland
  • Rachel Greenstadt – New York University
  • Christopher Kiekintveld – University of Texas

You’ll have a chance to meet our new CTO Michal Pechoucek. He is a seasoned security specialist and a father of AI at CTU. Michal will give the opening talk.

Call for posters

If you’re a PhD student there is also a poster session where you’ve be able to present your research and achievements. The deadline is August 18th 2019.

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